Francisco Liu, born in Macau in 1949, started his career in the Ferrero Group near Turin, Italy. He founded the company Italchina, creating business connections between Italy and China and now is Founder and CEO of OSVehicle. He worked for more than 30 years in the motorcycle and automotive business with large players such as Giugiaro, Cagiva Group (Cagiva, Husqvarna, Ducati, CZ, Moto Morini, Mini Moke), lowering production costs for top quality products. He started the OSVehicle project, then joined by Ampelio Macchi deciding to leave the corporate world to concentrate on a project of their own, changing the way vehicles are created, making them open source, affordable and with zero initial investment on DIY/DIT production anywhere over the world. This project became known as OSVehicle.

Francisco Liu
CEO & Founder

FranciscoAmpelio Macchi is an Italian mechanical engineer whose expertise is in engine design and construction. He has worked for Cagiva, MV Augusta, Husqvarna, Aprilia as technical director, technical manager, engine and frame chief, and brand manager. He won 51 world championship titles throughout his career and is now co-founder of OSVehicle, in charge of the R&D and engine development.

Ampelio Macchi
CTO & Co-Founder

Tin Hang Liu, born in Italy, son of Francisco Liu, is an entrepreneur who has run his family’s company,, while creating new businesses in the social media and web industry. With no marketing budget he has created communities with more than 5 million users and worked with top clients like Benetton Group Worldwide (United Colors of Benetton, Sisley, Playlife), Fox (Fox, National Geographic, History Channel), Kimberly Clark (Scottex, Teresita, Kleenex). He successfully began an acquisition plan for his latest startup Cityfan towards the largest italian editorial Repubblica, part of Gruppo Espresso. He is in the digital team of OSVehicle dealing with events, web, social, and marketing partners. He’s also a teacher at IULM University and University of Trento, in the Masters level, with subjects ranging from Social Media Marketing to Online Strategies.

Tin Hang Liu
Co-Founder – Marketing

Francesco Nepi is an Italian mechanical engineer. He has worked in the transportation industry since 1982 for top companies like Piaggio, Aprilia, Oxygen as strategist, Marketing VP, Managing Director and CEO, consolidating his experience in developing overseas sales with a focus on extra-EU markets. He is now Sales Manager for OSVehicle, in charge of Sales and Marketing department.

Francesco Nepi
Sales Manager

Strategist, product and service designer focused on co-design, design thinking and innovation helping both startups and established organizations to thrive. He has a vast experience in services and consumer electronics industry, he’s Lean coach with deep experiences in adapting agile approaches to non-software centric contexts. Simone also runs workshops for strategy creation, product and service design, and more.

Blogger and public speaker, Program Fellow for the OuiShare Fest and founder of Hopen Think Tank in Rome.

Simone also works a lot with Open Source Hardware and Distributed Manufacturing business models and strategies. Indeed he’s Co-Chair of the Open Source Hardware Summit 2014 and International Branches Chair at Open Source Hardware Association.

Simone Cicero
Spokesman, Open Source & Platform Strategist

Carlo De Micheli is an aerospace engineering student. Active blogger for Huffington Post (in the past also for Wired), has worked in the web industry for 6 years and spends part of his time in infosecurity and social media research. He also teaches courses in web and wireless security. His latest research has been published, amongst the others, on The New York Times, The Guardian, and Bloomberg. He is the digital and media manager of OSVehicle.

Carlo De Micheli
Head of Innovation

Yuki Liu, born in Italy in 1978 and currently residing in Shenzhen, China, is in the business consulting industry since 2005 with a focus on design&architecture-centric projects and the organization of international events. She is Managing Director at Italchina and has an active role in the OSVehicle internationalization and finance segments giving her personal contribution to the media and marketing team of OSVehicle.

Yuki Liu
CSO – International Business – Event Manager

Marco Borge founded Be Engineering in 2004, after his experience as smart and senior designer working with companies like Sparco, Bertone Cento and Stile Bertone. Innovation, time to market, and agility are the strong points on which he developed the company. With reliable partners, Be Engineering covers the whole product cycle, from the concept to production. The segments in which he operates are industrial and graphic design, transportation, and automotive.

Marco Borge
Design – OSV Partners